What is it?

nCore HR is unique: a modern technology that combines software such as ATS, Talent Management, Video Interviewing, etc. to manage and digitise the entire recruitment process

(Applicant Tracking System, Recruiting software and Talent Management) provided through browser (SaaS) to support recruiting processes.

The development has directly involved a large number of human resources managers who allowed us to analyse and define in detail all the dynamics underlying a real selection process.

Normally, ATS are defined as applications similar to CRM but designed for personnel management: nCore HR goes further, providing a much broader and more complete service while integrating some unique features that significantly reduce hiring time. These features also offer nCore HR users a comprehensive and complete overview to support the process of evaluating and selecting candidates.

Here are some of its key features:

Talent Attraction & Acquisition
Attract candidates from multiple channels and with different strategies.
nCore understands what you are looking for
Smart search on all candidates in the database to involve profiles suitable for the position in the selection.
Video interviews
Live and recorded
Look the candidate into the eyes with video questions or organise a live session with nCore.
Smart Working
HR departments can also work anywhere
Enable your HR Business Partners to work anywhere in the world as if they were in the office and reach millions of candidates worldwide.
Manager & Line Manager Experience
Because the KPI of HR sometimes depend on them.
Candidate sharing tools, assessment, authorisation processes, all of this is handled in the simplest and most straightforward way: why complicate their lives?
Increase the capabilities of your HCM
Develop new potential with nCore
Expand the potential on the candidate perimeter of your HCM suite by installing nCore in no time.

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