Employer Branding

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Talent Attraction

nCore HR has been designed to help companies’ reputation during engagement creation, which is essential for attracting talent. The attraction of a candidate is not just a question related to a pleasant work environment but is a concept that must be followed 360° on all corporate communication channels. Using nCore HR means having the best technology available on the market to collect, manage and analyse CV’s but also to be able to communicate externally while maintaining communication guidelines. Many companies, in the “Work with us” section, completely change the way they communicate graphically or even report open positions as a simple aseptic and impersonal list.
This happens because, quite often, platforms used prevent the complete integration of the layout. Using nCore HR API’s, it will be possible to obtain position data and match it flawlessly to company templates, guaranteeing optimal SEO on search engines and the perfect application of the employer branding concept.

Key points of nCore HR on Employer Branding:

  • API/JSON for integration within your website
  • Customisable Job Board template
  • Optimised for search engines
  • Ability to include corporate videos or introduction to the Job Position
  • Multilingual

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