AI tools for HR

Artificial Intelligence in HR

Make tools assist you in candidate evaluation without replacing you. Dedicate time to critical tasks while allowing HR Artificial Intelligence functions to manage repetitive activities during the recruitment and selection process!

Find candidates with the most relevant skills

With the AI Matching tool, rank your candidates based on the matching between their CV and the hard skills and soft skills you are looking for, simplifying the evaluation process. Don’t forget your database, the system will help you find the most suitable profiles among previously acquired ones.

A tailored candidate journey

AI will assist you in creating accurate job descriptions, emphasizing essential skills. Boost the employer branding and talent attraction through a dedicated experience, using AI to suggest specific questions based on the desired profile. Take advantage of recruiting automation to optimize the candidate experience.

Unlock the potential of video interviews

Discover how the video interview tool can increase talent attraction. Analyze candidates’ soft skills and attitude with the nCognitive tool, which studies facial expressions and tone of voice. Also, take a look at the most frequently used keywords, which serve as a valuable indicator for evaluating answers during the selection process.

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One tool, all the experiences you need

Candidate Experience

Create a simple application journey to improve the candidate experience

Recruiter Experience

Explore nCore HR recruiting automation and boost your workflow

Manager Experience

Simplify communication with managers at every stage of the recruitment process