Agile hiring process

Personalize the recruitment and selection process

With nCore HR, you have the complete freedom to tailor your hiring process according to your preferences and needs. With this advanced system, you can efficiently manage the selection process, ensure structured and efficient operations, optimizing time management.

Discover the recruitment automation tools

nCore HR has developed recruitment automation tools to support you throughout the entire selection process. Optimize the candidate evaluation with pre-screening functions, maintain consistent communication through message templates and the hiring pipeline, enabling you to automate the sending of necessary communications. Use the Calendar Manager feature to schedule interviews with candidates without needing to check your calendar!

Customize your hiring pipeline

Customize your hiring pipeline by creating steps based on your selection process or needs. Drag and drop candidates from one step to another and keep track of your hiring process. Automate some repetitive tasks through the recruitment automation tools provided by nCore HR and save valuable time, ensuring a smoother experience for both candidates and recruiters.

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