Business process management for HR

All your HR processes in one tool

Transform your workflow by managing multiple activities in a single remote tool. Customize HR processes, tailor them to your needs, facilitate communication between different departments, and analyze collected data to optimize your recruitment and selection process.

Personalize your work environment

Create environments that reflect your company’s structure. Nodes provide a clear and organized layout to your organization by dividing and diversifying workspaces based on activities and access levels. By using the node structure, you can connect or separate your business processes and monitor everything in a single environment.

Real-time statistics

Access accurate statistics on the activities you perform daily and gain an exact and punctual overview of your company’s processes. nCore HR automatically collects data of the selection process and organizes it into detailed graphs and reports. Examine the results, act where necessary, and refine the performance of your workflows.

Improve communication with managers

Improve the recruitment and selection process by involving managers in an efficient and simple way. You can include them in the workflow by sharing information and requesting candidate evaluations when necessary. The data will be available in real-time without any login requirements.

Send authorization requests in one click

Empower your hiring process with nCore HR’s efficient tools. Simplify business procedures by remotely sending requests to managers for hiring approval and job posting. Save time and boost performance; manager involvement in decision-making processes will be effortless and immediate. Requests will be sent via email, with no additional access needed.

Tailored manager accesses

Improve the manager experience and allow them to coordinate and operate more easily in the selection processes. nCore HR provides the option to give managers tailored access to specific functions, enabling a clear view of the hiring process.

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