Video interview

Go beyond your candidates CVs

Get to know the person behind the CV by conducting remote video interviews. Discover the asynchronous video interview tools to identify the profiles most in line with the requirements you have defined in a practical and efficient way.

Get more information with the asynchronous video interview

Get more information using asynchronous video interview that will provide a bigger picture of your candidates from the first steps. Review candidate answers at any time and focus your attention on the most interesting profiles. Asynchronous video interview makes the candidate experience captivating, allowing candidates to introduce themselves more authentically, going beyond the information included in the CV and enriching the candidate evaluation process.

Schedule live video interview and meet your candidates

Use the integrated live video interview feature in Core HR and meet your candidates. This technology, in addition to simplifying and reducing recruiting times, gives flexibility and convenience to the traditional interview tool. By scheduling remote interviews, you can virtually deepen your understanding of the candidate while preserving the importance of face-to-face interactions.

Automate the live video interview scheduling

Increase efficiency with automated video interview scheduling. By integrating with the Calendar Manager tool, you automate meetings through the recruiting automation tools. The system will interact directly with your calendar by sending available slots to the candidates for scheduling. nCore HR makes interview management easy.

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