Talent acquisition

Use all possible channels

Social Recruiter

In a world where the network is the meeting point most used by people, it is essential that the published job offers spread throughout the maximum number of channels possible.
There is no precise rule, but the goal is to reach candidates wherever they are: on social networks, in job boards, through corporate but also private email.
nCore HR allows companies to exploit all possible channels. It allows them to choose the job boards on which to publish their ads for better visibility, the social networks on which to share open positions, and to use their colleagues and acquaintances as employee ambassadors, encouraging them to spread ads via email with branded and customised templates.
After that nCore HR will be able to identify and recommend the best candidate acquisition strategy based on the type of profile, as it will analyse the traffic of all channels, generating KPIs based on the historicity of the results.

nCore HR key points on ad promotion channels:

  • Post the ad on numerous Job Boards all over the world
  • Post the ad on a variety of social profiles
  • Share a custom URL with one or more brand ambassadors and analyses their performance
  • Keep track of the acquisition of candidates and identifies the most profitable sources
  • Let us suggest, based on data collected, which channel will bring more traffic to your job position

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