Discover the features

  • Candidate screening and evaluation

    nCore HR makes candidate evaluation unique and effective. Use scoring questions to simplify pre-screening and test your candidates with our Assessment Center, which evaluates both soft and hard skills.

  • Agile hiring process

    nCore HR allows you to build an agile and efficient recruitment and selection process with recruitment automation tools that help you manage multiple tasks while maintaining a high level of productivity.

  • Communicate with candidates

    Improve your selection process by promptly communicating with candidates. Take care of the image of your company by using nCore HR recruitment automation tools, which will support you in communicating with candidates.

  • Business process management for HR

    Optimize your human resources workflow with nCore HR by managing the entire recruitment and selection process with a single, flexible tool. Keep track of progress and involve managers in candidate evaluations.

  • AI tools for HR

    Optimize your recruitment and selection process with AI tools for HR. Get accurate candidate assessment and allow AI to extract relevant soft and hard skills from CVs. Improve your employer branding during the selection process and boost your business processes.

  • Talent acquisition

    nCore HR simplifies your recruitment and selection process, providing tools to improve talent attraction and efficiently manage job announcements and applications.

One tool, all the experiences you need

Candidate Experience

Create a simple application journey to improve the candidate experience

Recruiter Experience

Explore nCore HR recruiting automation and boost your workflow

Manager Experience

Simplify communication with managers at every stage of the recruitment process