Connect your tools to nCore HR

nCore HR’s architecture is designed to easily communicate with external software you usually use, allowing you to connect several activities and improve your workflow.

Access to nCore HR with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Working with Office 365 and Google Workspace? Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) access for convenient and secure login in nCore HR.

Transfer data to your HCM

Create a connection between recruitment and human capital management systems. You can integrate nCore HR to your HCM, instantly transferring all collected data on the recruiting and selection process.

nCore HR API for any integration

nCore HR has developed outgoing and incoming APIs to connect to any type of external software, from HCM to business analytics tools. APIs serve as valuable support to facilitate interaction among all players in the HR management process.

Discover all the features

  • Agile hiring process

  • Business process management for HR

  • Candidate screening and evaluation

One tool, all the experiences you need

Candidate Experience

Create a simple application journey to improve the candidate experience

Recruiter Experience

Explore nCore HR recruiting automation and boost your workflow

Manager Experience

Simplify communication with managers at every stage of the recruitment process