Candidate screening and evaluation

Easily identify soft skills and hard skills

Drive forward recruitment and selection process and use the recruiting automation tools for candidate assessments. With nCore HR, you will go beyond the CV, gaining a deeper understanding of skills and requirements.

Focus on key Information

Optimize candidate evaluation with nCore HR. Remove standardized forms and gather only the essential information for the profiles you are looking for. Quickly create customized forms and tailored questions to improve your selection process.

Scoring questions

Improve your recruitment process with killer questions that automatically create a CVs ranking. Scored questions test the knowledge of potential candidates and assign scores, filtering out profiles less aligned with the position. Save time and effectively obtain an initial candidate evaluation.

Test skills with Assessment Center

Enrich your selection process with the Assessment Center directly integrated into nCore HR. You’ll be able to identify candidates’ soft and hard skills by subjecting them to tests. The assessments will automatically provide precise evaluations that can be easily managed remotely. Allow the candidates you are selecting to assess themselves, making the candidate experience engaging and reflective.

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Candidate Experience

Create a simple application journey to improve the candidate experience

Recruiter Experience

Explore nCore HR recruiting automation and boost your workflow

Manager Experience

Simplify communication with managers at every stage of the recruitment process