nCore HR :intuitivefastcompletecustomisablesmartadvanced
nCore HR is focused on helping recruiters find the best talent,
through the automation of non-core activities,
leaving room for the recruiter to identify the true uniqueness of the candidate.
nCore works standalone or enhances your HCM (Human Capital Management)
evolving any talent attraction, brand awareness and reputation activity.
“Talent acquisition” “Smart working HR” “Time saving” and “Smart sharing”
are the 4 key points of nCore HR
on which all its functionalities are designed and developed.
Talent acquisition with multi-platform actions and through employee ambassadors
Video interview
save time
Remote video interviews to see candidates before meeting them personally
Data intelligence
more information available to you
Supporting the assessment to understand something more of the company they come from
Staff Assessments
to evaluate any position
Supported by professionals from different sectors who complete candidate profiles by analysing specific technical characteristics
Employer branding
value proposition
Guaranteed by personalised templates and API’s that allow for complete integration within your site
Smart collaboration
fast and immediate
No passwords or logins: candidate sharing becomes smart for everyone

Overcome traditional channels. Revolutionise recruiting methods. Use nCore HR.

nCore HR is a software that can engage your entire HR team and Candidates with its technologically advanced solutions. Save up to 60% of the time you currently spend on non-core activities. Increase your Employer Branding thanks to a unique User Experience: the image and organisation you convey to talent will be something different from all other companies. Recruiting has changed: start now with nCore HR.

There are ATS and
then there is nCore HR

nCore HR is a modern software that incorporates technology to manage talent management, candidate communication, remote HR departments and more. It is much more than an ATS and is delivered via a browser (Saas) to support recruitment processes. The development has seen the direct involvement of numerous HR managers who have enabled us to analyse and define in detail all the dynamics that currently constitute a selection process.

nCore HR, with its numerous patents, is the only “All in One” software that combines AI, Machine Learning, Data intelligence, Video interview, Live interview in the personnel selection process.

Ci sono gli ats e poi c’è nCore HR

Features that make us unique

Video interviews
A video is worth a thousand images
AI Artificial Intelligence HR
More information for your decisions
Live Interview
Live video interviews directly from the Browser between HR and candidate
Calendar Manager
Automatic management of meetings with your candidates
Data collection
Collect all data you like
Scores and answers with exclusion
Define which are the best candidates for the position you have created
No doubt, for any position
Employer Branding
Attention to every single detail
Talent acquisition
Use all possible channels
Interview feeling
VOE and VOC techniques
Hiring pipeline – selection funnel
nCore HR adapts to your processes
Smart collaboration
No registration, no login, no remembering a password
Integration with other software
Open to all your software every day
Data protection and GDPR
Data protection and security according to law
Cerca, trova, crea un grande Team. Inizia subito con nCore HR.

Search, find and hire the best resources for your team.
Start now with nCore HR.

ATS are normally defined as applications similar to a CRM but designed for personnel management. Today, more than ever, the work of a Recruiter, of an HR Business Partner must meet different requirements and in the vast majority of cases they are forced to submit to the logic of the software. nCore HR is something that goes beyond the classic ATS, providing a much broader and complete service and integrating within it some unique features that significantly reduce the time to hire and the time to fill, allowing those who use it to have a very complete and comprehensive picture to support the process of evaluation and selection of candidates.

Boost your HCM today
You can also install nCore ``on top`` to your current solution to increase your candidates
Some advantages of using nCore:
• + 40% candidate conversion
• – 60% Time Saving
• Candidate evaluation: 4.8 out of 5 (evaluated on 7,000,000 candidates)
• Increased manager satisfaction with candidate assessments and authorisation processes
(Source: nCore Customers)
Asynchronous and live remote video interviews
Sometimes, a video is worth a thousand words
HR have new elements to include in an application process: if they wish, they can set questions to which each candidate can provide a video answer in fixed time intervals and which can be recorded on a PC, tablet or smartphone.
No doubt, for any position
Soft skills, hard skills, depending on the position and the selection funnel it is possible to include one or more assessments to gather further information about the candidate; it carries out tests such as Hogan, Giunti, Arctic Shore, etc. or free English language tests without passing through other platforms but instead managing everything from nCore.

Check out the amazing features

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