nCore HR :intuitivefastcompletecustomizablesmartintelligent
nCore HR strives to help Recruiters
automate non-core operations that typically occupy 60%
of the time they spent in Human Resources.
Innovation, Automation, Agility and Analytics
are the four cornerstones of nCore HR,
which provides carefully selected and advanced functionality.
multi channel
Talent acquisition with multi-platform actions and through employee ambassadors
Video interview
save time
Remote video interviews to see candidates before meeting them in person
Data intelligence
more information available to you
Supporting the assessment to understand something more of the company they come from
Staff Assessments
to evaluate any position
Supported by professionals from different sectors who complete candidate profiles by analysing specific technical characteristics
Employer branding
value proposition
Guaranteed by personalised templates and API’s that allow for complete integration within your site
Smart collaboration
fast and immediate
Without passwords or access: candidate sharing becomes smart for everyone

Overcomes traditional channels. Revolutionises recruiting methods. Use nCore HR.

nCore HR engages your whole Human Resources team and Candidates thanks to its technologically advanced solutions. Save up to 60% of the time you spend on non-core tasks today. Increase your employer branding thanks to the user experience designed with the UCD (User-Centred Design) philosophy: the image and organisation you transmit to your candidates and employees will be something different compared to that of all other companies. Recruiting has changed: start now with nCore HR.

There are ATS and
then there is nCore HR

nCore HR is a modern and advanced Video ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and Recruiting software delivered via a browser (SaaS) to support recruiting processes. The development saw the direct involvement of numerous human resources managers, who allowed us to analyse and define in detail all the dynamics underlying a real selection process.

nCore HR, with its numerous patents, is the only “All in One” software that combines IA, Machine Learning, Data Intelligence, Video interview, Live interview in the personnel selection process.

Ci sono gli ats e poi c’è nCore HR

Features that make us unique

Interview videos
A video is worth a thousand images
Data intelligence
More information for your decisions
Live Interview
Live video interviews directly from the Browser
Calendar Manager
Automatic management of meetings with your candidates
Data collection
Collect all data you like
Scores and answers with exclusion
Defines the order of the CV's, automatically excluding those unsuitable
No doubt, for any position
Employer Branding
Attention to every single detail
Omnichannel talent acquisition
Uses all possible channels
Interview feeling
Now you can see your intuition
Hiring pipeline
nCore HR adapts to your processes
Smart collaboration
No registration, no login, no remembering a password
Integration with other software
Open to all your software every day
Data protection and GDPR
Data protection and security according to law
Cerca, trova, crea un grande Team. Inizia subito con nCore HR.

Search, find, create a great team.
Start now with nCore HR.

Normally ATS applications are very similar to a CRM but designed for personnel management: nCore HR goes further, providing a much broader and complete service. nCore HR integrates also unique features that consistently reduce time to hire and supporting users during the process of evaluating to have a complete and comprehensive overall picture of the candidates.

Data Intelligence
Get Data Intelligence into your company to support you in the personnel selection process
Some examples:
• What size does the company from which the candidate comes from?
• What is its turnover trend?
• How many employees?
• For which other companies and in which sectors has the candidate worked previously?
• What is the current travel time, by public transport and by car, from the candidate’s residence and the work place location?
Remote video interviews asynchronous and live
Sometimes, a video is worth than a thousand words
HR managers will be able to set a track through pre-established questions to which each candidate can provide a video answer in fixed time intervals using PC, tablet or smartphone.
Systematic and analytical observation of verbal and non-verbal behavior
Through the integrated marketplace, in the assessments area, you can choose, for example, to involve referenced and certificated psychologists for the analysis of an individual candidate in order to obtain a detailed report based on the analysis of behaviors and emotions encountered during the video interview.

nCore HR will support you on several contexts during the selection process.

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