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Maintaining active and personalized communication during the recruitment and selection process is crucial to ensure an attractive candidate experience. Our recruiting automation tools are designed to support you in this activity.

Automate candidate communications

Use recruiting automation tools to improve your business processes. You can connect automatic and personalized communications directly to the hiring pipeline, guiding candidates throughout their selection process status. Additionally, if you need to get more information from the candidates, nCore HR allows you to do so automatically at any stage of the pipeline.

Create templates for candidate communications

Don’t forget to keep candidates updated on the status of their recruitment and selection process. Generate custom message templates that can be sent with just one click, directly from nCore HR and if you want to make the process even faster, automate the sending of communications at specific steps of the hiring pipeline to maintain ongoing communication with candidates.

Link your Office365 account

Simplify communications with nCore HR by linking your Office 365 account to interact with candidates from a single platform. All messages will be tracked and saved in your primary mailbox. With Office 365 integration, unlock the power of recruiting automation through the Calendar Manager. This feature automatically sends interview options to candidates according to your calendar availability, simplifying scheduling with just one click.

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