Smart collaboration

No registration, no login, no remembering a password

Make the selection process easier for your managers

You can easily and intelligently share the best candidates with colleagues and managers. No registration, no login, no remembering passwords. Those involved in the selection process can be invited with a simple click that will generate an email containing a link that will give access to the profiles quickly and securely.
With an intelligent interface that will show all information about each candidate nCore HR will give all invitees the opportunity to have the necessary data to express their opinion.
nCore HR: simple, fast and smart! In addition, the manager can be asked to fill in specific fields or to decide whether or not to approve a certain authorisation process.

Key points of nCore HR:

  • Compliant with GDPR. Avoid uncontrolled proliferation of your candidates’ data
  • Share your chosen candidates with Managers easily: one click on the link from the email and they are already on the right page
  • No login and no password to access
  • Provide those involved in the selection process with an easy way the opportunity to report impressions, ratings or notes on all the candidates you propose
  • View the ratings of all your colleagues in real time
  • Share insights, ideas, comments with the whole team using the “Team Notes” function

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