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On average you get about 300 CVs per position. Of course, it can be many more for certain positions and companies, sometimes less, but it can still be a lot, we know that.

That is why nCore HR offers the opportunity to pre-set closed questions when opening a position. Each answer can be associated with a score and possibly the exclusion of the candidate if a specific answer is chosen.
This method allows you to have an initial sorting of CVs based on the score obtained, according to what is really important for that specific position. You can also decide, when a certain score is reached, to invite the candidate to participate immediately in a video interview. In addition, it is possible to reintroduce into the selection process some candidates who have been automatically discarded earlier.

Key points of nCore HR in the evaluation of candidates:

  • Create questions with closed answers and assign scores
  • Subdivide candidates according to a specific answer or score
  • Determine the sorting of incoming CV’s based on the score achieved

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