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Voice of Employee (VOE)


Most organisations (companies, associations, aggregations, etc.) are based on a formal survey conducted, depending on the case and theme, with a frequency ranging from one to three years. The formal survey is now the main means of collecting feedback from employees and this makes it impossible to monitor and any reactions to the impact of the changes: quarterly, monthly or even weekly, in the perception of how the employees react to organizational changes and events.
Some organizations have begun to use a variety of techniques to collect direct and indirect feedback from their employees, through approaches and tools that are not integrated with their technological infrastructure (or internal process), this will hinder and limit their ability to acquire valid and accurate knowledge.

The Solution

Gartner reports that by 2022, 35% of organizations with more than 5,000 employees will increase their annual surveys on the engagement of people with feedback to build a more comprehensive view of their experience within the company.

nCore , with its nCore Deep solution, is the forerunner in the world of Voice of Employee (VOE) and Voice of Customer (VOC) techniques.

Already integrated with the nCore HR suite, nCore Deep, it allows you to analyze millions of video interviews in real time turning them into objective and analyzeable data.

Forget polls with a response from 0 to 10; Today, nCore Deep transforms a naturally conducted interview into objective, aggregated and for certain needs, creates clusters through new information that no one requires or provides but that is the result of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Imagine a product survey, (Voice Of Customer) nCore Deep will start dividing interviews in real time based on sentiment: positive, neutral and negative; it will extract meaningful keywords; divide the feelings of responses by gender and/or age in order to get a complete picture of what you want to know, before you even see and listen to the interviews themselves.

Another distinguishing feature of nCore is personalized communication to people who express: positivity or negativity towards a product, an idea or any theme covered in video interviews. The experience becomes complete thanks to answers studied ad hoc by organizations, which allow to reach and respond to needs, problems, requests, shared during the interviews by several people.

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