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Before nCore HR, the organisation of a video call with a candidate normally took place through free tools, such as Skype or via pay tools, which the company may already have used on several occasions for conference calls with customers, colleagues, etc.

As for Skype, the video call with the candidate has some prerequisites:

  1. The candidate must have a Skype account and the software installed
  2. The candidate and/or the recruiter must accept and confirm the addition of the contact

As a recruiter, which Skype account do you use? Your personal one or do you have a dedicated company account? Who manages this? This first step, if not clear, implies difficulties and conveys to the candidate an idea about your company’s organisation.

But even more relevant is the non-removal of contacts at the end of the interview: the candidate will be able to send you messages, know your presence status and call you at any time (maybe to request updates on the selection process).

Second case: the use of company software.

90% of the software will ask the candidate to install a plugin, a browser extension or something else.

Have you ever found yourself on the other side? Sometimes the experience can be very unpleasant, especially when you are asked to install software that you do not know.

With nCore HR:

nCore HR provides its own communication tools to organise a remote live video interview and does it in the simplest way:

not asking for any downloads, plugins or software to install.

nCore HR simply uses the browser (Chrome, Firefox) on your PC or MAC, and that of the candidate to get in touch, nothing more.

And if the candidate does not have a computer but only has a smartphone or a tablet? No problem, you can use the browser installed as Safari for iPhone and/or iPad or Chrome for Android devices.

The experience of everything working immediately and perfectly, while all audio and video flows automatically adjust the user’s connectivity is another detail offered by nCore HR.

Key points of nCore HR on live video interviews:

  • Invite one or more candidates to the video interview directly from the platform
  • No plugins, downloads, or various installations on PC or MAC for you or the candidates
  • Works on 97% of devices: PC, MAC, iPhone Smartphone – Android, iPad
  • Personalised waiting room and email notification of the candidate’s arrival to the interview
  • Live video interviews in full HD
  • Keep all candidate information on your monitor during the interview and complete it with personal notes, team notes and scores.

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