Video interviews

A video is worth a thousand images

User-friendly for both you and your candidates

Reading a CV or a cover letter, looking at a photograph or a portfolio are all fundamental activities in choosing a candidate. However, they can never give you an exact idea until the meeting takes place. Face to face.
nCore HR gives you a more complete picture right away by allowing companies the selection of the best profiles received and asking the chosen candidates to attend a remote video interview.

Key points of nCore HR on video interviews:

  • Reduce the cost of recruitment because it allows focusing exclusively on qualified candidates
  • Provide you with essential information that goes beyond the curriculum vitae
  • Increase the productivity of your recruitment team
  • Freedom to choose when to view the interviews; candidates have the flexibility to respond when and where they deem appropriate
  • Fully customised interface with logos, colours, images and fonts of your company
  • Freedom to decide the questions to ask candidates and the time they have to prepare and respond
  • Candidates can record interviews via computer (PC, MAC or mobile device) without installing any type of additional software.

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