Interview feeling

VOE and VOC techniques

In a picture millions of words, the most used, and feelings.

During a remote video interview, it is possible to analyse the sentiment of spoken words using powerful artificial intelligence algorithms and machine-learning technologies. And this is how nCore HR manages to show you when there is a positive and/or negative feeling, with which entity, on which question and during which answer. It also traces the most used keywords from the candidate during the whole video interview phase.

The company has undertaken a subsidised investment programme under the POR FESR Regione Lombardia, Asse prioritario III – Obiettivo specifico 3.a.1 – AZIONE 3.A.1.1. – BANDO ARCHE’

With this investment programme, the start-up has implemented its own recruiting platform equipped with innovative technologies and elements of artificial intelligence, capable of carrying out an initial screening through a video interview of potential candidates, providing useful elements for the selection process of the Resource.

The enhancement of the platform also aimed at approaching international markets, such as the French market, the Spanish market and then the US market.

The company received a benefit of € 16,184.00 through this incentive.

FESR Regione Lombardia

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