Hiring pipeline – selection funnel

nCore HR adapts to your processes

Hiring pipeline – selection funnel

The hiring pipeline or selection funnel, i.e. the process that follows the candidate through to recruitment, is handled very simply in nCore HR. The software is developed in such a way that it can meet your needs as a recruiter. No matter how many statuses your pipeline has or its purpose, in nCore HR you have the opportunity to create, move, and modify statuses as you need, for one or more job positons. You can also set up automations associated with specific steps in the pipeline. For example, once the “recruitment” step is reached, the documents needed to finalise the contract are automatically sent to the candidate.

With the interface developed with the most modern programming frameworks, your work is immediate and is updated in real time without reloading the page or performing further actions. Speed and immediacy are two of the characteristics that are achieved by nCore HR thanks to the user-centred design (UCD) that is defined before development: the user’s needs and wishes on the final product. So, finally, it is the software that adapts to you and not the other way around.

Key points of nCore HR on the Hiring pipeline:

  • Define your customised hiring pipeline
  • Create automations based on candidate movement in the pipeline
  • Move candidates quickly and easily
  • Change the hiring pipeline at any time
  • Allow nCore HR to adapt to your way of working

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