Data protection and GDPR

Data protection and security according to law

Security and peace of mind

nCore HR is a software provided via the web and therefore usable through the major browsers available (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc). In technical jargon, it is called SAAS (Software as a service, Software supplied as a service); nCore HR does not need any kind of installation but only requires an Internet connection.
We know how much our customers care about the privacy and data security of their users and candidates. At nCore, we always control our customers’ data using tools that help us identify where information resides and who can access it. We track all activity and identify who sees what to protect all information we collect for our customers and proactively block a possible attack.
We encrypt data to make it illegible without the valid encryption key and allow candidates to remove all their information with an independent, simple and clear procedure.
One of nCore’s missions is to gain the trust customers and their candidates.
We want nCore to be a solution that brings out the essence in people, what they have inside and that goes beyond an assessment based initially on a dry curriculum vitae. To do this, we develop numerous technologies, always letting users know how we will process and protect their data.

Key points of nCore HR:

  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Compliant candidates’ data processing – guaranteed
  • No worries about IT infrastructure, updates or upgrades

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