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Thanks to the exclusive Data Hunter engine, nCore HR finally brings data intelligence into the HR sector. Data Hunter is an incredibly powerful search engine that exploits big data, categorising it, aggregating it and keeping it updated to provide useful information to support the business.

More specifically, Data Hunter analyses data related to the candidate for nCore HR and provides aggregate information that no other software can deliver today.

  • What is the size of the candidate’s company?
  • What is its turnover trend?
  • How many employees does it have?
  • What positions are available?
  • For what other companies and in what other sectors has the candidate worked previously?
  • What is the current travel time with public transport and by car between the candidate’s residence and current place of work?

nCore HR also analyses the images by providing unpublished information such as gender and age of the candidate, the keywords used during the video interviews and the feelings shown in positive and negative.

  • Immediately acquire all the information from the company the candidate* comes from
  • View travel time by car, by public transport and on foot from the candidate’s home to the location of the offered position
  • Receive unpublished information

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