Calendar Manager

Automatic management of meetings with your candidates

Schedule your interviews automatically

To organise live video interviews with candidates, nCore HR has developed its own technology that interacts with your calendar (Microsoft Exchange or Google Mail) and intelligently schedules all necessary appointments.

Depending on your preferences and availabilities, nCore HR Calendar Manager will automatically propose one or more dates to each candidate, manage new schedules if necessary, send invitations and access links to the virtual room for the video conference.

In this way, you will find in your calendar all the events confirmed by the candidates with the relevant information. nCore also allows you to schedule interviews taking into account the calendars of the managers interested in being involved in the selection process, thus improving the organisation of the meeting.

Key points of nCore HR Calendar Manager:

  • No wasting time with tedious email exchanges on your and the candidate’s availability
  • No risk of organising a video interview that overlaps with another event
  • Freedom to choose the days and time slots dedicated to interviews
  • Continuous interaction with your calendar
  • Huge time saving

Compatible with Microsoft Office365 and Google Mail

Compatibility with Microsoft Exchange and Google Mail

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