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Soft skills, hard skills, for each position and selection funnel it is possible to include one or more assessments to gather further information about the candidate; carry out tests such as Hogan, Giunti, Arctic Shore, etc. or the free english language tests without passing through other platforms but instead managing everything from nCore.

From now on, thanks to the partnership between Hogan, Giunti, EF English First and many others with nCore, you can comfortably and easily carry out diverse and functional assessments.
Through the integrated marketplace, an HR can easily offer a specific assessment (Hogan, language tests, ArcticShores, etc.) and then get an integrated and detailed report based on the analysis of the candidate’s data obtained during the application process and/or during the video interview. In nCore, all the information from the assessments is collected in an orderly and timely manner in each candidate’s profile, allowing for a highly effective selection process.

Key points of nCore HR on Assessments:

    • All the Hogan package, configurable on the model of the Customer’s competences through Configure;
    • ArcticShores, a certified Gamification tool;
    • These are fully validated tests.
    • BIg Five analysis through Giunti’s psychometric assessments and thanks to the innovative M4DAQ you can measure the digital mindset of your candidates.
    • Language tests;
    • Technical skills configurator: this is a menu-driven interface in which the customer can define the technical skills relating to a specific position and automatically launch the configuration of a technical assessment (with closed questions) in relation to those skills identified.

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