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The systematic and analytical observation of verbal and non-verbal behaviour, the administration of assessments such as the analysis of soft skills, require the presence of psychologists during the interview. In addition to being an expensive process,take up a lot of time.

From today, thanks to the partnership between Awair, EF ( English First) and nCore, you can comfortably and easily administer diversified and functional assessments.

Through the integrated marketplace, the human resources manager can choose to easily offer a specific assessment (Hogan, linguisitic test, Arctic Shores, etc.) and thus obtain an integrated and detailed report based on the analysis of the candidate’s data obtained during the application process and / or during the video interview.

Key points of nCore HR on Assessments:

    • All the Hogan package, configurable on the model of the Customer’s competences through Configure;
    • ArcticShores, a certified Gamification tool;
    • Linguisitic test;
    • Technical skills configurator: it is a menu interface where the Client / Recruiter can define the technical skills related to a specific position, and automatically launch the configuration of a technical assessment (with closed questions) with respect to those competences identified [available from March 2020]

This is just one example of the many assessments available within nCore HR and nd the number continues to increase with the implementation of new analyses.

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