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With nCore HR and its unique technology you have the opportunity to aggregate millions of data. The information that is collected throughout the recruitment process and therefore provided by Candidates, HR, Line Managers, etc. become models that help you better understand different scenarios: which sources are more performing based on candidate conversion that is useful for targeting possible search sponsorship budgets. Or they can help you to engage latent profiles in your database that are aligned to your search.

Specifically, nCore HR analyses the data collected during the recruitment process, providing aggregated unseen information:

  • Predictive source
  • Involvement of profiles in DB and alignment with the search
  • Match between candidate requirements and skills
  • nCore HR works on any search and in any market: industrial, banking, pharmaceutical, IT, etc.
  • nCore HR processes data from over 25,000 candidates per day
  • nCore HR has processed over 200,000 job searches in a very short time

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