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This is the story of our company and it is a very good story.

It all started a few years ago, when we perceived that sooner or later a strong “digital transformation” would come in the field of human resources.

We have observed young talents applying for positions where they still await a response, we have observed managers filling in kilometric forms anticipated by registrations, logins, password requests created and forgotten for the occasion.

So we got to work and we wrote a selection process that started from the need for the sought-after job figure and not from a traditional logic that does not differentiate between one search and another.

We wanted to create features that we call ingredients; ingredients that could be used according to the needs: forms to fill in to acquire information, asynchronous and synchronous video interviews, questionnaires to determine a first ranking of the curricula and then we asked to the most important assessments platforms to integrate with us in order to have a single tool where you can collect all the information necessary for selection but also for the onboarding.

During this process, the best innovators in our country began to model the recruiting process within their companies through nCore. Labor supply companies, banking, industrial, technological sectors, etc. each modeled the selection process for their own needs and for their talents who already in a selection phase could perceive the value of the company for which they applied.

At this moment every 5 seconds a person applies for a job using nCore.

During the lockdown and considering the number of branches closed, without nCore we would not have been able to work and we wouldn’t have helped the healthcare facilities to find the necessary staff to deal with the emergency

Manlio Ciralli, Chief Sales, Branding & Innovation Officer of Adecco

Everything is happening in Italy, in Milan.
Enrico Ariotti and Aldo Toja, active in the IT sector for over 20 years, are the founders of nCore and alongside them there is a stellar team of talents who every day write the “Digital Transformation” of human resources.

I am sure that the fourth industrial revolution that Hyperloop Italia has launched here in Italy can enhance highly innovative skills as represented by the setting of nCore in the HR sector. Because artificial intelligence and the internet of things are already present.

Bibop Gresta, co-founder of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

The Luiss Business School is certified Equis, the most important standard in the world of business schools and the partnership with nCore arises from the assumption of having to guarantee very high quality standards both in the student selection phase and in the provision of the various digital coaching

Mario Vitale, director of Business Development, Stakeholder Engagement and External Relations of Luiss Business School

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