nCore HR and smart working

Smart working: a new opportunity for growth

We often hear about smart working and we are all aware of the strategic importance that it can have within more or less complex organizations.

The real question is: do companies have the technology necessary to make smart working an added value and not a working difficulty?

nCore HR has developed a series of tools dedicated to this with the aim of making home workers completely autonomous and operational.

Everything always and exclusively GDPR Compliant.

nCore is based on an extremely innovative concept of “smart sharing”. The idea is to be able to share information in an agile and secure way with all the company’s collaborators, involving people in the steps in which their intervention is considered strategic. In this way unnecessary re-work is avoided and a very fluid and effective process can also be designed from home.


We have also added tools such as live video interview (with the possibility of involving multiple interlocutors and recording) fully integrated into the platform, which, albeit remotely, allows you to completely manage the candidate selection process.

Smart working in the HR world undergoes an extraordinary change, making recruiters completely autonomous and involving managers effectively and dynamically.

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